Last week as a result of the air quality being in the Red - unhealthy category we were ;forced to cancel Optimist Youth Football practices and also last week's games. We did not take the situation lightly and are 100% confident that it was the right decision for the safety and health of all of our participants and their families.

Our goal was to reschedule the season with the least amount of impact to participants and affiliate clubs, while still providing a full season of games to our participants. With 110 teams, over 2500 players representing over 1900 families, we were keenly aware of the fact that whatever we decided, there would be those who would not be happy regardless. As a result, we decided that the best option was to move all the games back one week. There were two primary reasons why we decided this was the best course of action. First, in the junior and senior leagues we play for a champion. That means that we have playoffs. In the junior league the playoffs start in week six and in the senior league the playoffs start in week five. Until the games ahead of those weeks were played, we would not know who-played-who in the playoffs. That made it impossible for us to just move the postponed games to the end of the schedule for those two leagues.

Splitting the schedules and moving the junior league and senior league games back a week and moving the postponed games for the remaining leagues to the end of the schedule would have resulted in major disruption in the travel for many of the communities that play in the OYF program. When the schedules were originally done, the biggest request was that when communities had to travel, all of their teams traveled the same weeks and if possible to the same locations. Splitting the schedule would have made that request impossible. There was tremendous discussion and thought that went into the final decision and we are aware that no solution could possibly take into account every family’s schedule or personal obligations. We can only do what we feel is a fair and equitable solution for the majority. While we know this may be difficult for some, we at least hope you have a better understanding of our decision. Thank you to all parents, participants, coaches, and volunteers for your continued support of Optimist Youth Football and Cheer.

The Optimist Youth Football Executive Committee

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