Our 6-on-6 flag football is a fast-paced, exciting game open to participants ages 6 - 7 years of age. With small team sizes (only 12 players), plus mandatory playing time rules. the focus is on getting players involved in the action.

Each game consists of two 16 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime; played on a 40 yard field. The rules are simple: offense starts on the 40 yard line and has four downs to advance the ball trying to reach the end zone and score. First down lines are at the 25 yard line, 10 yard line.

Teams play seven games in a season and there maybe some travel required to other clubs for games. Since this is a developmental league scores are not kept or published, the goal is for coaches, players, and parents to have a enjoyable time.

Below you can find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What does it cost?

A: In 2020 season the fees are $150 through the last sign up in June. After last sign up in June there is a $25 late fee. (If you don't have medical insurance the fee is $165)

Q: How often will they practice?

A: Rules allow 3 practices per week for the first 2 weeks; each practice can be 1½ hours. After the first 2 weeks practices drop to 1 per week and no longer than 1 hour.

Q: Where will they practice?

A: Coaches are assigned a central practice location for their team and you will be notified of that location along with the start times by the coach before the season starts.

Q: When does the season start and long does it run?

A: Practice begins in early August, you'll receive the exact date at registration, and games begin at the end of August. Each team will play seven games in addition to the Jamboree.

Q: When are the games?

A: Games are played on weekdays. Games will played at the Optimist Youth Sports Complex but and team will likely play a few games against another club.

Q: What equipment must I purchase?

A: Optimist will furnish the flags and the jersey. Parents must furnish:

  • Shoes
  • Mouth guard/piece - it must be colored and with the strap cut off.
  • White shorts/pants

What You Need To Know About Registering:

Please read everything

2020 Season

Online registration open April 1st. Registration fees for all participants will now be $150 for tackle and $125 for flex football and cheer. Registrations will be online only through May 31st.

Weigh in(football)/Uniform fitting(cheer) / Equipment Fitting (Flex) Dates, Times & Locations:

Due to the current situation, dates and times for weigh-ins and fittings will be posted as soon as available.

Please make sure to bring two (2) copies of the registration confirmation email that you are sent upon finishing.

* New participants to the program must also show a valid birth certificate.




Tackle Football