Optimist Youth Football will follow the Idaho DEQ recommendations as adopted by local school districts. This policy is for actual AQI readings, and not forecasts. Current air quality readings can be accessed online at

Green and Yellow Air Quality Index (AQI) will not be cause for any change in OYF practices or games.

For an Orange AQI, at practices OYF coaches will increase rest periods and substitutions and reduce the number of strenuous activities. The length of practices may be shortened. An Orange AQI will have no impact on scheduled OYF games.

For a Red AQI, OYF will cancel all scheduled practices and games.

If a parent chooses to remove their child from participating in an OYF practice or game because of a concern for their health, there will be no repercussions from either the coach or the league, regardless of any specific team rules. Extended absences for “health concerns” will require that the player’s parents furnish the coach with a signed doctor’s release BEFORE the player will be allowed to return to practice. The coach must keep a copy of the release with him and forward a copy on to his/her league director. Weather events or acts of God adversely affecting the playing of games will be handled on a case by case basis following policy as set forth in February 2009.

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